Hi there!

Welcome to my site. I’m Sara Ost. I’m a CMO, writer and journalist, longtime editor, and one-time startup founder. After two memorable decades in California, I’m currently taking a creative sabbatical in the woods on a sea: podcasting, writing, consulting, developing new ventures, and other sundry shenanigans.

What to say about me? First, I’m unapologetically strategic. I’m a proven rainmaker. I have a sixth sense for timing and trends, from clients to culture. I’m down-to-earth, direct, passionate, fearless, and compassionate. Helpfully, my exterior is calm, cool, and collected. People genuinely like working for me, which, next to knowing I’m a decent creative writer, is just about the best thing ever. I’m a really good boss and I know it and I’m proud of that. I’ll be a seriously great CEO. I’ve known it all my life, if I am being transparent (I’m being transparent).

In the meantime: I will totally consider a full time role in your venture, but only if you’re prepared to a) pay me gobs of money b) give me a lot of freedom, and c) let me inspire and drive the hell out of a team of crack rebels like me. In other words, I can be bought, baby!

This site will be relaunching in summer 2020. If you want to reach me in the meantime, I’m at sara@saraost.com. Thanks for stopping by.