Out and About in Tech

Pausing from the whirlwind of the last few months to share a few updates:

I’ve been on the ground representing Smartify at a number of tech conferences this year, from VentureBeat’s inaugural GrowthBeat to Digital Hollywood, Fashion Digital and a bevy of partner events here in L.A. and beyond.

Most recently, I moderated a panel at DataWeek, “Data Is a Woman’s Best Friend,” where double entendre was in full effect as four female executives joined me to discuss how data-driven strategies and technologies help their brands succeed…along with the topic everyone really came for: How developing those data chops can sharpen women’s competitive edge in the male-dominated tech industry. Well, partly: There was also plenty of talk about sexism in tech (who isn’t talking about this these days?). The chat was a refreshingly positive one, with members of the audience pitching in with ideas, too—including the very meta suggestion from a man in the last row to crowdsource a data infographic website dedicated to gender progress in tech. (Not a bad idea.) A big thank you to Andre Bourque, who conceived of and directed the panel, complete with planted audience heckler!

Last month, Smartify announced its official partnership with Gigya, and the company collaborated with yours truly on Understanding Identity, Unleashing Brand Love: 3 Essential Strategies for Connecting with Your Customer.

Also in August, Smartify sponsored sfAMA’s Startup Marketing: From Garage to Billionaire event in San Francisco. The team at sfAMA published this guest piece on ways startups can leverage marketing technology and digital tools for growth hacking: How to Market Like a Fortune 500 on a Startup Budget.

I’m proud of how much we’ve accomplished at Smartify inside of a year. From impressive partnerships to a compelling rebranding to big, sexy strides in our marketing, product, client services and operations, it’s been a blast thus far. A data-driven blast, of course. ;)


The Letter to Fastrak

Friends of mine know that I have long honed what might be called a knack for the effective customer service rant. In this most recent case, I was trapped in that special level of hell known as Bay Area Fastrak account cancellation, and having tried all the normal routes, I took things up with the people in charge. Well, I took things up with the people in charge after finding them by means of some serious LinkedIn stalking. This Steve person below runs transportation, essentially, for all of California, while Ann heads up policy and Andrew has a closer operational role to Fastrak. What follows (excepting some insignificant personal information I’ve redacted) is my email to them.

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